3D Box Templates : Free Template Collection from TBS Team

A professional template for 3D box shot may cost up to a hundred of dollars. Moreover, you have to spend several hours to render a photo-realistic 3D box image from that template in image processing program.

The TBS Cover Editor comes with a brilliant collection of 3D box templates for various types of products - software, e-books, movies, or music.

3D box templates

The Design Wizard helps you to get started quickly. With TBS Cover Editor’s template collection you can make a 3D box in less than two minutes. Choose a template and just add your product info such as product name, company, and web site URL to create a custom 3D box or cover design. You can easily tweak the templates or create new cover templates with your corporate identity style.

3D box template

In two clicks you can set up a 3D scene and render your box shot image in TBS Cover Editor.