TBS Cover Editor Versions

WHAT'S NEW IN VERSION 2.5 (2012.09.03)

  • Full Unicode character support
  • New Ribbon user interface
  • Fixed several version compatibility issues

WHAT'S NEW IN VERSION 2.4 (2011.11.30)

  • New 3D models: Christmas Ball and Tri-Fold
  • Added several additional high-quality templates
  • Fixed background artifacts in GIF animation export
  • Fixed several minor issues

WHAT'S NEW IN VERSION 2.3 (2011.06.13)

  • Improved import from .SVG format
  • Added scaling of SVG image before import
  • SVG image is grouped after import
  • Added several additional high-quality templates
  • Fixed several issues (Thank you for your reporting!)

WHAT'S NEW IN VERSION 2.2 (2010.10.17)

  • Animated 3D objects can be saved as .GIF or .SWF-files
  • Undo for 3D objects
  • Built-in error reporting functionality
  • Justify align in memo shape
  • More quality control, fixed most of known issues

WHAT'S NEW IN VERSION 2.1 (2010.05.13)

  • New models: Spiral bound book, Blu-ray case, IPad
  • More shapes and templates
  • Added new option: load last opened project
  • Improved installation: added support of installation by another user
  • Improved startup speed

WHAT'S NEW IN VERSION 2.0 (2010.02.03)

  • New 3D Engine: Faster, Preciser, Scalable, Allows rendering more detailed models
  • Better 3D Models: More polygons, More details, More realistic look
  • New 3D Models: DVD Case variations, Book variations, Electronics & Hardware
  • Basic SVG Import
  • Layer "Stripes" Effect

WHAT'S NEW IN VERSION 1.7.2 (2009.08.30)

  • Included ability to switch off contour lines in printout
  • Fixed access violation in reflection
  • Some other minor changes

WHAT'S NEW IN VERSION 1.7.1 (2009.06.15)

  • Fixed saving layers to the layer repository
  • Fixed rendering of transparent screenshots
  • Some other minor changes

WHAT'S NEW IN VERSION 1.7 (2009.06.03)

  • New lightning model includes ultra fast and realistic specular highlighting (direct reflection of light)
  • Added printing functionality for a 2D cover
  • New layer effect reflection allows to add Web 2.0 style reflection to your design elements.
  • 3D screenshot includes now possibility to be bend.
  • Several minor features and enhancements.

WHAT'S NEW IN VERSION 1.5.3 (2009.01.11)

  • Fixed access violation issue

WHAT'S NEW IN VERSION 1.5.2 (2009.01.08)

  • Fixed saving templates

WHAT'S NEW IN VERSION 1.5.1 (2008.12.24)

  • Fixed saving bitmaps to layer library
  • Fixed pixel-softness increment in Rendering Window
  • Fixed popup menu in 2D editor

WHAT'S NEW IN VERSION 1.5 (2008.11.09)

  • New user interface
  • Possibility to create covers for different object shapes like DVD, Book et
  • Multi-document editing
  • Layer repository
  • Many other improvements


  • New layer effect: texture with a texture library
  • New layer effect: inner glow
  • Text macros: flexible use of project description in text layers
  • Repeat layer menu option
  • Several minor fixes and enhancements