True BoxShot Features

The following is the list of most important features of the True BoxShot:

  • Main advantage of the True BoxShot is that it produces high quality images with sub pixel accuracy rendering without fuzzy edges.
  • True BoxShot is able to produce 3D images of a Software Box, Vista box, Book, CD, DVD Case, Screenshot or Member Card.
  • The Soft Shadows and Light enhances the three dimensional feeling of the boxshot image.
  • Soft Reflection. It gives additional positive impression.
  • Optional Contour makes it possible to show the edges of the boxshot in cases where the color of your object is similar to that of the background.
  • The transparency feature allows you to use the boxshot image with alpha channel in complex compositions and therefore you can take full advantage of .PNG images!
  • Printing of the output image.

For more detailed description please visit the online user guide.